How Is Depression and I'M P.E.R.K.Y. Related?

How Is Depression and I'M P.E.R.K.Y. Related?

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"How Is Depression and I'M P.E.R.K.Y. related?"

It's related because Depression is why I started this particular Brand. Depression display across people differently, I wanted to create a cool way for people to just say, "Hey I'm here". I've experienced depression since childhood. So you can PTSD, Major Depression, Anxiety, are some things that I deal with on the regular. I want people to feel good about themselves even if they don't sometimes.  

There are lot of things that represent people different out here. I wanted to do something uplifting for the mind, body, and soul of a person! 

The name I'M PERKY  what does it stand for? 

It's a simple reminder that looking cute and wearing clothes that make me feel powerful means everything. I started this brand 6 years ago when my aunt died from breast cancer. She was a good woman, very quiet, and shy woman. She never got to tell what happened to her so she died with some sadness in her heart. I understood her all too well, I've been hurt by plenty of men in this life, as well as family. We have to learn to overcome things that may be thrown in our way!

I said to myself how do I motivate myself each day, and it would be cool if I could make that into a clothing brand. So hence the idea and name I'M P.E.R.K.Y.  I think it's a pretty dope way to remind yourself that you are beautiful, intelligent, and can pursue any dream you put your mind too! 

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