I'm P.ER.K.Y. Products Behind The Scenes

I'm P.ER.K.Y. Products Behind The Scenes

Let's face it black women have issues out here in the world,  just like our black men. I'M P.E.R.K.Y. was created to help uplift and inspire our sistahs & brothas, from different mothers out here! Things get hard but we all have each other, we need to work on building each up; instead of the tearing down of each other; we so often see! Spread love in your communities wherever your at (city, county, suburb, rural life). Changes need to happen in our communities. You can make someone's day just by saying Good morning, or hello. It doesn't take much. 

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Another Sistah love 









Here is another Favorite that people love to buy on this site I'M P.E.R.K.Y. Hoodies




These are just a few of our Tees please check out SHOP I'M P.E.R.K.Y. 

Think about it like this, for those need a pick me up affirmation everyday I'M P.E.R.K.Y. (Pretty.Exotic.Real.Kind.Yummy.) can be that for you. You are reminded every time you put on a T-shirt, hoodie, pant, "that's the inner you feeling sexy right now". 



I'M P.E.R.K.Y. is more than a name it has a meaning behind it. I started this brand two years after she passed away from breast cancer. She battled some  mental health battles as well. I have my own experiences I can add to the mix. I'm a survivor of domestic violence from several relationships in my past and I'm still here. Many have tried to take me down, but God has a plan for me. 


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People Ask WHY Choose I'm P.E.R.K.Y. Brand

We represent the Everyday BLACK WOMEN/BLACK MEN. We have T-shirts that are dedicated to our black men and our black women. Now anyone can buy I'M P.ER.K.Y. WE are here for ALL people.  A black Queen designed this brand so she will never forget her people.

Here are some Men's T-shirts:


Our T-shirts are original cannot be found anywhere but here! The best thing about our brand is that we care about mental health issues. We know how important it is to stay mentally healthy.  Reach out to someone if you feel you ever need help.  If you have ever dealt with depression or PTSD, any mental disorder; it can make you feel a certain way about yourself at times. 

I'M P.E.R.K.Y. REMINDS PEOPLE OF just being themselves of letting someone know they are all these things and more= Pretty. Exotic. Real. Kind. Yummy.! It's fun and it has meaning behind it. We all do things for a reason. Mine are to make others feel great about themselves. 

Be expressive, be creative, be you more importantly! 


Here are some of the other women products we carry:



Feel free to comment on the post if you want to add a story of your own. Tag a pic to our blog with your I'M P.E.R.K.Y. gear. Love to see that kind of love and extra exposure. Something new we trying going into 2022. Blogging. I am not promising weekly blogs, maybe two to three blogs a month.

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Be Safe, Live your best Life you only get ONE!