About IM P.E.R.K.Y. Boutique

About Us:
Lady Val's Vanity created the Mood Clothing: 
IM P E R K Y LLC Brand
it stands for I am Pretty. Exotic. Real. Kind. Yummy.

Mission: Think of Mood Clothing when you hear IM PERKY brand. Depression makes people feel unloved and not special at times. IM P E R K Y is mood clothing. Whatever your mood, we have clothing to match your style.

I struggle with MDD (major depression disorder) daily, so I am quite familiar with the struggles of depression all the ups and down.  We have to make the most out of life no matter what! Keep Your HEAD HIGH at all times, you are all Kings & Queens!

How  our products are made?

We use Printful and Printify to fulfill our T-shirt Fulfillment services.  We also carry products that are drop-shipped come from Drop-shipping and TRENSDI Drop-shipping.


Stay Blessed & Be Safe

We have to do better as community for the the culture! We have to spread the love within ourselves outside to our neighbors. Real Talk! Love changes everything.